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Skin Care Specialist

"To love what you do and feel that it matters - how could anything be more fun?"
- Katherine Graham

Types of treatment

California Power Peel
otherwise known as the microdermabrasion system, this procedure is performed with a carefully controlled stream of crystals that are directed onto the skin surface, removing tiny particles of dead lifeless skin, which are then vacuumed away along with the crystals - giving birth to the new vibrant skin below.

Glycolic Acid Peel
unlike standard moisturizers that only temporarily plump the skin's exterior, glycolic acid products actually improve the apprearance of the skin's course, sun-damaged outer layers. Glycolic acids uniquely equipped to dissolve the cellular "cement" that binds these dead cells together, sloughing away the skin's cry outer layer, revealing a softer, revitilized glow.

Ultrasonic Youth Therapy
a non-surgical method of erasing wrinkles. Sound waves are used to treat facial wrinkles and scars fromt eh inside out. A salt compound is blown onto the skin to open pores and remove layers of dead skin. Then, after a nutrient-rich cream is applied, low-frequency sound waves are used to work the nutrients deep into the skin layers. The sound waves create increased circulation enabling the nutrients to migrate to the deep layers of skin. Finally, the skin is sealed with a special gel and the client goes home with softer, smoother skin.

Cosmecanique LPG Lift 6
an essential new treatment-THE NATURAL FACIAL WORKOUT. As we age, our skin is subject to a wide range of external irritants. Your facial skin is the most exposed of all. Cosmecanique from LPG helps achieve facial fitness, stimulating your facial skin and its underlying structure like no other treatment can. The process is painless, non-evasive and tailored to your skin type and sensitivity.

Biorepair Oxygen Treatment
to soothe and nourish the skin. A variety of oxygen enhanced creams used in conjunction with oxygen therapy.


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